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Here’s a little bit more about myself ✨

I am a user experience designer on a mission to make your life easier. As a UX designer, I help in creating products and experiences that improve and add value to people’s lives.

Currently a UX Senior at the Savannah College or Art and Design. I have over three years of experience helping solve problems using human-centered design on small-level startup products such as Splore and Knoyo, as well as working on projects for bigger companies such as Zillow and Google.

Some fields I am highly passionate about include health and wellness (of the mind, body & soul), education, money management, accessibility & inclusivity in products, and now real estate after my internship at Zillow!

A fun fact is that I’ve lived in four different countries throughout my life! Growing up surrounded by people from multi-cultural backgrounds has definitely made me a more open-minded & inclusive individual and as a result a conscious designer!

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